Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones Over A Superior Network

Louisiana can now receive free calls due to a few slight inaccuracies found with correctional calling provider Global Tel-Link. Securus Technologies was responsible for finding those discrepancies in an end of the quarter audit says PRN News. Government regulations require surveillance and monitoring to protect the public. Securus is a top inmate calling regulator, but they now offer their customers a superior calling network. They’re committed to ensuring their customers are over a secure network. Inmates and their families are able to stay connected, get more calling features, and save money. Securus values your time and eliminates the middle man to process your calls.


There is a wonderful program available through Vimeo has allowed inmates and their family members to accept their visitors over the internet. You’ll receive a high definition video that gives you complete control over the volume and the picture. Zoom in and out to adjust the screen or a one touch volume control. The internet allows clients to see their loved ones face-to-face. Don’t miss out on following the progress of your loved ones by being able to actually see them. Video chatting is one of the most popular Securus Technology features.


Call Options


Inmate Voicemail


Voicemail features are available for inmates to receive actual voice messages with their access number. This services gives inmates freedom and helps them transition for life outside of the facility. This feature is available from an inmate’s commissary.


Advanced Pay


Pay for many inmate calling features in advance. You can have the calling credits that you need on hand when you need them. If you have a valid credit or debit card visit their website and select the calling features that work best for you and your loved ones in a correctional facility.


Become a Securus Technologies member by joining their official website today.



Success Came Easy for Technological Genius and Entrepreneur, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is known for his impressive abilities when it comes to technology, always exceeding expectations. This is part of what enabled him to become a successful and well-known entrepreneur today, basing much of his work through technology. On top of this, he has long been dedicated to using his talents and success for philanthropic projects and public speaking to help others as much as he can.

Eric was showing off his skills in technology all the way back in his primary schooling. At just 9 years old he was already working on computers and learning to encode, even building his own computer. This, of course, was his biggest talent and asset going through his schooling, along with his ambition and work ethic. He even managed to start up an online database business while he was going through high school. Following this, Eric went on to study and earn his degree from the prestigious Harvard University.

Today, Eric Pulier has founded more than a dozen different companies of his own, which includes People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Akana, and more. His knack for innovation and experience has earned him a place on many different executive boards and chairmen seats. Eric has steadily built his presence in the technology field over the course of his career due to his impressive innovations.

As mentioned, Eric is also dedicated to his efforts in helping people and communities around the world. He has spent much of his time and effort, through personal acts and his businesses, to develop advancements in different fields to help different problems around the world. He has contributed to many charities and non profit organizations, most notably the Starbright Foundation, an organization that works to help children with chronic health problems.

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How Eric Pulier Has Excelled in Business, Public Service, and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is one of America’s most recognizable entrepreneurs. Besides this, he is a public speaker, published author, columnist, and humanitarian. Surprisingly, he has managed to succeed in all the fields. As an entrepreneur, he has been pivotal in the establishment of over 15 companies in the technology and financial sector. His success has also given him the opportunity to serve in different boards, something that has boosted his profile all the more.

Pulier’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

During the course of his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Pulier is credited with the creation of highly successful firms. Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Akana, and Service Mesh are some of the technology firms that he has helped establish. Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital are some of the financial firms whose success is attributed to Pulier. In recent times, Mr. Pulier has been making forays into the media sector. His diverse connections within the corporate world enables him to seek for funding whenever there is need.

Eric’s Humanitarian Activities

Mr. Pulier has also made a name for himself due to his commitment to changing humanity for the better. Various non-profit organizations have benefited from his donations. He strives to find ways that technology can be used to solve obstinate societal problems. He mainly focuses on aiding economically disadvantaged communities, and physically impaired children. Mr. Pulier’s humanitarian acts have a global outlook since he supports charity initiatives throughout the world. During his tentative years in the technology sector, he won hearts by designing an educational program that was used to create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. He similarly supports the ACE Foundation, the XPRIZE Foundation, and the Painted Turtle.

Government Appointment

Pulier has served the US government in different capacities. His public service career started after being named to head a campaign tasked with commemorating Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s second inauguration. He organized an exhibition that was used to showcase different technological innovations, and their impacts on the society. After excelling in this role, he was appointed to the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management. His role was to help the board ingrain itself in the community. He successfully served on this board for four years.

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Bury Bad Press with Reputation Management Fixers

A bad reputation is an important part of marketing. It is not possible for all your marketing efforts to be fully successful if your relations with the public are bumpy. Marketing will help in online reputation management and branding and branding will help you further in marketing. As your brand grows, controlling its reputation increasingly becomes difficult. You will need to increase your reputation management strategies with the growth of your business.

There are numerous areas of reputation management according to, Reputation Management Fixers, which you should put into keen consideration. These are the areas where the reputation of your business is bound to be stained, and these are the areas you need to work on to improve the reputation of your brand. These areas include:

– Search engine dominance
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– Brand reviews and recommendations
– Brand monitoring

These are among the paramount aspects of business reputation management services, which you should always keep tabs on. Regardless of whether you are, conducting general public relationship management or online reputation management you should hire experts to handle these areas for you.

Managing your brand reputation is not an entirely straightforward process. Various aspects to brand reputation management that requires expertise. Some of the primary areas are the ones outlined above and some of the others such as custom reputation repair services and brand advocacy. Your reputation can make you and your enterprise successful, or at the worst, it could ruin any chances you have of succeeding in your venture. It is advisable to run an extensive background check on the online reputation management companies you are considering to find one of your choice.

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Families Grateful to Securus

As many people are aware, the south has been hit very hard recently in a string of severe storms. Many families have been devastated by the amount of flooding that has washed over the region. As a results, many different companies and entities have decided to step up and lend a helping hand to those that have been hit hardest by the flooding. One of those companies is Securus Technologies, based out of Dallas Texas. Securus is a leading communications company that supplies, among many other things, phone calls to many of the prisons and detention centers across the country. They have decided to do their part by allowing for prisoners in their facilities and their families to be able to make and receive phone calls to and from one another for free up until September 7th.


The Chief Executive Officer of the communications supply company knows and understands just how important it is for people to be able to reach out to their loved ones in times of hardship like flooding and loss. That is why he made the decision that the prisoners in the affected areas should be able to talk to their loved ones without having to worry about the cost of the call. It is anticipated in a recent article that was published online by PRN Newswire the company will donate more than 250,000 free phone calls to the prisoners during the free phone call time period.


It is no surprise that the prisoners and their families are very grateful to hear of the announcement. Unfortunately, even in normal times many people simply cannot afford to make phone calls on a regular basis due to the high cost per minute and the fact that many families are down in income once a family member is placed in prison.


Dick Devos, Establishing a Future for the Next Generation

Inspired from an idea, to constructing four walls, developing an educational staff, and defying a future for many, Dick DeVos has created a place for everyone. West Michigan Aviation Academy is not just a name, but a facility generously contributed by many. This is a place for young lives to find what they really want to live for. Don’t let the title turn your head if you are not into aviation or engineering. This high school is about educating and growing a solid foundation for anyone who walks through the doors of this school. From the board members, staff, and to the students, you will find courtesy. That is one thing that sets this specific school apart from many others.

The everyday life this facility has to offer never ends. Every year begins a new program, a new career path, and a new life long commitment. You will still find all the necessary classes you need to take to graduate. Just like any other high school you have Math, Literature, Science, and History, but with a twist. The teachers will add aviation based projects to tie in with some of the lessons being taught. Most high schools do not take field trips, but this one does. They believe in engaging in a hands on experience. Some include historical figures such as The Tuskegee Airmen, while other times inviting people like Colin Powell or even former president George W. Bush to the school to speak.

This school didn’t always have all these new programs and opportunities. It came from one small building with only six classrooms, two bathrooms, and a space limited area for physical education classes. Each year grew bigger and bigger to what it is now. The first class of WMAA (West Michigan Aviation Academy) took a huge risk, they would be giving up a lot that other schools already had established long before. But these student were promised from the beginning, if they held on, they would forever soar to unreachable heights.