Dick Devos, Establishing a Future for the Next Generation

Inspired from an idea, to constructing four walls, developing an educational staff, and defying a future for many, Dick DeVos has created a place for everyone. West Michigan Aviation Academy is not just a name, but a facility generously contributed by many. This is a place for young lives to find what they really want to live for. Don’t let the title turn your head if you are not into aviation or engineering. This high school is about educating and growing a solid foundation for anyone who walks through the doors of this school. From the board members, staff, and to the students, you will find courtesy. That is one thing that sets this specific school apart from many others.

The everyday life this facility has to offer never ends. Every year begins a new program, a new career path, and a new life long commitment. You will still find all the necessary classes you need to take to graduate. Just like any other high school you have Math, Literature, Science, and History, but with a twist. The teachers will add aviation based projects to tie in with some of the lessons being taught. Most high schools do not take field trips, but this one does. They believe in engaging in a hands on experience. Some include historical figures such as The Tuskegee Airmen, while other times inviting people like Colin Powell or even former president George W. Bush to the school to speak.

This school didn’t always have all these new programs and opportunities. It came from one small building with only six classrooms, two bathrooms, and a space limited area for physical education classes. Each year grew bigger and bigger to what it is now. The first class of WMAA (West Michigan Aviation Academy) took a huge risk, they would be giving up a lot that other schools already had established long before. But these student were promised from the beginning, if they held on, they would forever soar to unreachable heights.