About Us

Grassroots Life Inc. is a holding company comprised of Grassroots Index LLC, Grassroots Management Fund LLC and Ascend Society 501C3. Our objects are to create employment, offer affordable products and services to consumers, patronize businesses within Grassroots Marketplace, raise capital for startups & Entrepreneurs and donate back to the community.

about us

Grassroot Index

Grassroot Index is a digital hub where vetted cannabis businesses sell shares and showcase their potential for investors and entrepreneurs interested in entering the cannabis space. With ease, investors can review investment opportunities with all the necessary materials - license information, financials, lab reports, and more - with the click of a button.

Grassroots Life Ecosystem

Employment will be created under Grassroots Index LLC by hiring individuals to use our innovative Biolink Technology. Biolink Technology is a database that will be composed of profiles to numerous companies who join the index. When a company joins the index, they create a profile entailing their contact information, licensing, real estate and municipal and state award letters. Grassroots index employees will have access to this database as affiliate sales representatives and promoters.


Affordable Products & Services


Ascend Society Giveback Initiative


Grassroots Life Sales Biolink


Grassroots Marketplace

Grassroots Marketplace

Grassroots Marketplace

Grassroots Marketplace is the ecommerce platform of Grassroots Index. Here companies will set up their virtual store offering affordable products and services.

Grassroots Management Fund

Grassroots Management Fund will raise capital by selling shares of Grassroots. Management Fund, shares of Grassroots Index, shares of individual companies within the index and return on loans. All shares shall be purchased through the Grassroots index. Capital raised for Grassroots Management Fund will be used to issue micro loans to startup cannabis businesses in New Jersey.

Grassroots Management Fund

Grassroots Life

Our Current Portfolio Options

Take advantage of our four investment opportunities

Bud & Brew bar/restaurant

Bud & Brew






Management Fund

Ascend Society

Two percent of all transactions including return on investments, shares sold and products and services will go into Ascend Society 501C3.

Ascend Society